What type of events do you serve?

Any private event that wants a bartender!

Corporate Events I Bridal and Baby Showers I Weddings I Rehearsal Dinners I Birthday Parties I Launch Parties I Grand Openings I Backyard BBQ

How soon should we book?

As soon as a date and venue is confirmed.  Keep in mind, weekends book up the fastest. However, be sure to check with us as we may have an approaching date available. Though we are able to accommodate several events in one day, we can only book one event a day with each of our Mobile Bars.

Do You Supply The Alcohol?

In the state of North Carolina we are not legally allowed to purchase the alcohol for your event, which makes your event a BYOB.  We will create a customized alcohol shopping list for you, and take care of EVERYTHING else.  The benefit of this system, is that you can create an incredibly custom bar menu, not limited to what we carry. You also keep any alcohol left over!

Where do we store the alcohol?

As long as the alcohol is at the event, you are all set.  Often, venues will have a fridge for any pre-event drinks you would like.  We will take care of gathering your beer and wine, and chilling it on ice when we get there.

Where are you located and will you travel?

We are located in Winston Salem, North Carolina, but we LOVE road trips!  We travel up to 30 miles each way at no charge, and after that we charge per mile.  If you’d like Thirsty Buffalo to join you at a further event, contact us so we can discuss the details.

Are you insured?

Yes!  We have both General Liability and Liquor Liability insurance.  This is very important when hiring a bar service for your event.

Can you serve coffee?

Yes! ... We take coffee very seriously around here. You can choose a beautiful self-serve coffee bar, or coffee can be served from behind the bar.  We serve both regular AND decaf, and in our opinion, no party is really complete without it!

Can we provide our own cocktails, or mixers & garnishes for you to serve?

The short answer... no.  We have allowed this in the past and had many issues, so we had to change or policies. When you hire us, you bring the alcohol and we take care of everything else!

Can we offer Mixed Drinks AND Craft Cocktails?

Yes! If you want both of these options, it is $13/guest.

If my venue does not allow liquor, can I still somehow offer Signature Drinks?

Yes, we can make that happen! We have a special menu of "Signature Drinks" with either beer, wine, cider, or bubbly as the base. This way, you can offer signature drinks, without needing liquor.

What is your payment and refund policy?

We require a 50% deposit to confirm your reservation. The other 50% is due 2 weeks before your event. You'll receive a full refund, minus a $200 administration fee, if you cancel more than 90 days from your event date, 50% of the deposit if you cancel more than 60 days from your event date. Cancellations made within 60 days of your event, deposit will not be refunded. Reschedules are allowed for no additional fee but the refund policy is still based upon the original event date.

Do you have a rain date policy?

Unfortunately we can not accommodate rain dates. The host is responsible for tent cover of the bar in the event of inclement weather.

What are the technical requirements for the bar?

Our bars requires flat ground for service, and clear access for set-up and break down.

Do you rent out your Horse Trailer Bar?

At this time we do not.  Our Horse Trailer Bar can be at your event by adding it to one of our drink packages that fits your needs!

What size liquor bottles should we purchase?

We ask our clients to supply 750 mL bottles or 1 Liter bottles. 1.75 L bottles are too difficult to provide quick and efficient service with. 

Can you serve from Kegs?

From experience, we HIGHLY recommend bottles/cans for your event. If kegs are not transported right, they are likely to be foamy.  This makes it very difficult to serve, and it will waste product.  Also, because you get to keep any leftover alcohol, bottles/cans are a better choice (keg beer doesn't keep.) Lastly, kegs can be a headache if something is wrong with the tap system.  If you are set on a keg, we will make sure to go over pre-event preparation, so we can arrive confident to serve your guests efficiently.

How many bar staff will we need?

This is determined by event logistics (how many guests you have, what we are serving, if you have a bar rental, etc.) We do have a minimum of 2 bar staff for every event. This allows staff to keep the bar stocked, help with heavy lifting involved, take appropriate breaks, and ensure the bar is always staffed for service.

We want you at our event! What do we do to get a quote? How do we book?

The easiest way to communicate is to book a call through our “contact us” page. On this call, we can gather some basic event information, answer any questions you have, and then email you a quote. We start with our base package, and from there, you can add on any extra items you are interested in (depending on your needs and bar budget.)

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